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Our First Cold Read in the Actual Cold

Dear whippersnappers and indie film lovers,

If you’re in the Bay Area like the majority of our film team, it’s getting cold up here. The Canadians are most likely teasing us on their colder weather compared to ours. I guess that’s what makes things different when it comes to adaptability. To a few of our team members currently located in Vietnam, we are highly jealous of your tropical weather. Anytime now one of our producers would be hopping there to enjoy the nice beaches of Nha Trang or stop by a local café in Ho Chi Minh City. Many of us who are currently in the States are stuffing ourselves greatly with the wonderful food our own families have cooked for Thanksgiving. If this hasn’t been said enough, we want to share that we are highly grateful for everyone’s continued support for this project during the pandemic. With each donation and follower, it all brings us closer to our community for this story.

We had our second award win at the Silicon Beach Film Festival! It’s an honor to get a screenplay award for Best Feature Drama Story. This film festival is held in Los Angeles every year and is managed by Jon Gursha and Peter Green. Now their film festival shows selected films on Roku. The short films there are a spectacular watch you shouldn’t miss!

Yesterday, our main actors, Mai, Nha, and Kevin joined our first cold read and character analysis. The English version of the script has reached to completion many weeks ago, but its Vietnamese counterpart still needs a lot of work to do. This was the first time our actors met up together and in an instant, we clicked well. We can’t spoil a lot in what’s going on in the story, but after some realization, our side character Minh is hilariously at fault for causing a problem to begin with. If it weren’t for his character’s “excellent” wingman skills, our main character An wouldn’t be struggling in finding love at this point. Kevin, you’d make a fine antagonist. The little funny things you find in a screenplay…

To wrap this up, we would like to share another success of our screenplay - Rome Independent Prisma Awards. It’s only a couple days from now until we receive notice on the semifinalists, finalists, and winners of this film festival. Stay tuned for more updates as we soar high in our screenplay and dive deep with our characters.

This is director Anh Le signing off (and sleeping on the couch somewhere).


Interested in supporting our feature film? Please follow us in our social media links in and donate in our Holly Jolly Campaign at

We need $15,000 to help bring our actor to the United States and pay for renting Skywalker Sound. Skywalker Sound is a subdivision of the company Lucasfilm and with your support, we will be able to produce our original song and score composed by Logan Gammill. Our fundraiser ends on December 12th. Only two weeks left folks so let’s go shopping!


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