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Our First Win! A start of many more wins to come…

We are delightfully happy to share with you our first success - BEST DRAMA SCREENPLAY at the Prague International Monthly Film Festival.

Over the past few months, our team has been working hard to cultivate the script, reach out to grant opportunities, and cast actors for this film. The supervising producer and I had finally completed translating the script into Vietnamese. The screenwriting experience was definitely unique to what I am used to writing in the United States. There was a different cultural value that I learned when writing a romance story geared towards a Vietnamese audience. If there was one thing I learned from my Vietnamese community, taking a date to eat pho is not the best way to impress your date. It differs for every person based on where they live and their cultural influence.

One thing I got from this screenplay is how I felt closer to the language than I was ever before. Did you know there are two ways to say “box” in Vietnamese? One word indicates a smaller box and another word indicates a bigger box. An accent can do so much to change your whole sentence upside down. The Vietnamese language education alone does not yet share the whole culture, and I believe this is what An, the lexicographer in this film, may have experienced in the journey of discovering new words and trends in the Vietnamese language. A dictionary can only do so much in the language. All in all, dictionaries are made by humans.

To end this in a good note, I want to share that our screenplay has gotten into the finalist round for the Las Vegas International Film Festival. We have been selected for the best romance category. The Screenwriter Awards will be live in this link at 4:00PM PST. They are also celebrating other scripts and it’s completely free. You are all welcome to join and hope we win the final prize! (Click on the image below to head straight to the livestreaming event!)

Thanks for checking out our blog. This is director Anh Le signing off!


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We need $15,000 to help bring our actor to the United States and pay for renting Skywalker Sound. Skywalker Sound is a subdivision of the company Lucasfilm and with your support, we will be able to produce our original song and score composed by Logan Gammill. Our fundraiser ends on December 12th so don't wait too long!


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